Today is World Scleroderma Day

esclerodermia en ingles

World Scleroderma Day is celebrated today.

What is Scleroderma?

It is a chronic autoimmune disease, which is included within the group of rheumatic diseases. Most often it affects women and although it can occur at any age, is more common between the third and fifth decade of life.

Because of their low prevalence, it is included in the group of “rare disease”.



We started walking together…


Beginning to share this space with you all.

Here you will find information about health, nutrition, psychology, genetics … and everything that I think may prove useful to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

I will try to help you better manage stress situations, moments of discouragement … I will also share healthy recipes that will help you ¡¡¡eat healthier !!!

Nutrition, health, motivation, positivity, illness, change of values, exercise, relaxation … are words that will fill this space …

One of the objectives would also like to be able to get, it is to be a meeting point for all those who are not in their best, well be suffering from an illness, for being in a bad personal moment …

I would like to tell everyone that … I accompany …

I would tell you who read me now … you can find here … your health coach